2 Simple Ways To Keep Ants & Roaches Out Of Your Small Business

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Pest infestations could be detrimental to your office in several ways, like the comfort of your employees and your business' overall look should any of your customers see bugs in your office. The following are 2 things you can do to prevent ants and roaches from making a home in your office; just remember that this is a general guide for small offices.

1. Eliminate Organic Matter

Any kind of food can attract ants & roaches to your office, especially when left out continuously. They will take notice of this and will start multiplying in your office. But food is not the only organic matter that you have to worry about, as these insects can also eat the following:

Make sure your employees put food away in sealed containers. And you can also have your cleaning crew clean your office frequently to help ensure these items are not left behind.

2. Control The Humidity & Temperature

Make sure that no standing water, like an open water bottle or a damp sink, are available to the insects. Standing water may attract them because it will evaporate into the atmosphere, causing moisture in your office. Moisture and warmth are two things pests look for in a new home. Keep the humidity lower than 80 percent, as most insects prefer this moisture level.  

Your cleaning crew should throw away all bottles and dry all surfaces before the day is over. And you can also have your employees help out as well. You may also want to consider having your AC system and plumbing system checked for water leaks and condensation, as both of these can occur in your air conditioning system or plumbing system. 

You should also try to set your air conditioning system anywhere below 77 degrees because--even though insects like roaches can survive colder temperatures--they would rather flee harsh temperatures if they can find a warmer area. 

Remember that this will only help with common insects, like roaches or ants. So talk to your pest control specialist should you be dealing with other types of insects, like carpet beetles, which are common in offices with carpets. Your pest control specialist will also be able to help you find the perfect pest-repelling temperature for your office if you are dealing with a certain type of insect that requires a more specified percentage of humidity.

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