How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs to Your Home after Travelling

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It can be a nightmare when you learn that the city you just visited has come down with an outbreak of bed bugs. In order to set your mind at ease, you want to make sure that you take appropriate measures so that if you did pick up bedbugs, they do not enter your home.

1. Dump Your Clothes Directly from Your Suitcase into a Garbage Bag

First, you are going to want to dump your clothes directly out of your suitcase into a garbage bag, preferably before the luggage enters your home. This is to ensure that any bed bugs that might have crawled into your clothes do not make it into your house and will instead be confined to the bag. Throw your clothes into the washing machine directly from the bag. Wash your clothes in hot water twice in order to make sure that any bed bugs that might be on them are killed. This should thoroughly sanitize your clothing. Take off the clothes that you wore to get home as well and wash those immediately.

2. Spray Down Your Luggage

If you have a hard luggage set, then take a cleaning product that contains bleach and apply it to a paper towel. Wipe down your entire suitcase, making sure that you get in all of the nooks and crannies. This will kill any bed bugs that your luggage set might have. If your luggage is made out of fabric, then use a bleach cleaner in a spray bottle and spray down your bag so that it is moist. This will also kill the bed bugs. Don't let your luggage in your home until you have thoroughly cleaned it.

3. Take a Shower

Finally, take a long, hot shower after getting home. Not only will this allow you to mentally relax knowing that you've done all you can to prevent bed bugs, but it will also allow you to kill any bed bugs that might be on your skin without you knowing. Wipe yourself down with a loofah and then throw it away by sealing it in a plastic bag beforehand.

These are also good practices for any time you travel. You never know what stowaways you might pick up in hotels. For more advice about keeping bed bugs out of your home, talk to a company that specializes in bed bug removal, such as Rice's Inc Termite & Pest Control