3 Reasons Your Bedbugs Might Keep Coming Back

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Have you had your bedbug infestation treated by an exterminator, only to have the bedbugs come back again several days or weeks later? There are several possible reasons why this might be happening. Here's a look at the possible reasons your bedbugs are coming back, and what you can do to address them.

Reason #1: Your exterminator did not perform a second treatment.

Some of the pesticides used to kill bedbugs only kill the adult bugs, not the eggs or larvae. Thus, they must be applied twice so that they kill any adult bugs who were not yet hatched during the first treatment. If you skipped this second treatment (or you worked with an inexperienced exterminator who did not know any better), you might end up with bedbugs again once the initial eggs hatch. If you only had one treatment, call your exterminator to confirm whether you need a second treatment.

Reason #2: Bedbugs are hiding in creases or corners where the insecticides can't reach.

Bedbugs that are hiding deep in a crevice or seam of the mattress, a chair, or even your carpet when the insecticide is sprayed may end up not coming into contact with the chemicals. To ensure they are killed the second time around, make sure you thoroughly vacuum your carpet, mattress, and any other furniture before the exterminators arrive. This will suck up any hiding bedbugs. Then, leave the furniture pulled out from the wall and the cushions on any furniture loose. This way, these areas will be exposed to more insecticides.

Reason #3: You keep bringing them back home.

Think about the places you visit on a daily basis. Are you a home healthcare worker who steps into other people's home? Perhaps you travel a lot on business and stay in various hotels. If either of these scenarios ring true, then it is possible that you're being exposed to bedbugs when you're out of the home and that you keep bringing them back. Some strategies to prevent bringing home more bedbugs in the future include:

If your bedbugs keep coming back, the advice above should help you get rid of them once and for all. For more advice, contact an exterminator in your area like Garrie Pest Control.