Keep Birds From Taking Up Home In Your Awnings

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If you have an awning over your windows or porch, you may have noticed that the birds seem to love your awning as much as you do. However, your awning is not the best place for the local birds to make into their home. Birds can become very defensive and aggressive if they feel that their nests are being threatened. Their droppings not only can carry disease, they are extremely corrosive as well and can cause damage to your awning over time. Here are a few ways you can stop local birds from making your awning their home:

Use Bird Spikes

One way to keep birds off your awning is by purchasing and installing specialized bird spikes on top of your awning. These bird spikes, which you can find at your local home improvement store, are basically strips of spiky metal that you can attach to your awning. The bird spikes make your awning an unappealing place for birds to land without hurting themselves. Most birds will avoid your awning once you install a few bird spikes across the top.

Spray A Sticky Repellent

If you don't like the visual idea of adding spikes to your awning, you can purchase a bird repellent at your local home improvement store. These repellents are designed to make the surface of your awning feel sticky when birds try to land on it. These repellents are non-toxic and will not hurt the birds that do try to land on your awning; rather the substance will naturally encourage the birds to stay away and find a different location to call home.

Scare Them Away

You can also scare away the birds by putting fake "predators" on your roof, such as a rubber or plastic snake or owl. These fake predators are all ones birds try to avoid, and putting a few decoys on your awning will help scare the birds away from turning your awning into their home. However, for these decoys to be really effective, they need to move around occasionally so they appear alive. If they stay in the same spot all the time, the birds will eventually catch on to the fact that they are not real and are not a threat.

You can make them move by attaching a string to the decoys that you can pull on to move them. Or you can attach them to a wind chime or wind pinwheel on top of your awning so that they move without assistance from you.

If you want to keep the birds off your awning, try at least one of the methods listed above this week. You may need to use a combination of the methods listed above to keep all the birds in your area off your awnings. Try one at a time and see what works to scare away the birds in your area. Contact a local pest control company, like Albemarle Termite & Pest Control, for more help.