5 Of The Nontoxic, Natural Ways You Can Keep Ants Out Of Your House

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If you are like many people who own a house, you don't want to share your home with bugs, especially ants. However, as it gets warmer outside, you might start seeing more and more of them crawling around. Here are some nontoxic, natural things you can do to keep these insects out of your house.  

Try Cucumbers

One thing you can do to get ants away from your home is to use the peels of cucumbers to chase them out. These peels contain trans-2 nonenal, a compound which acts as an insect repellent. Simply put peels where you observe ants congregating, and their numbers are likely to dwindle over time.

Try Chalk

You might not think of chalk as a pest repellent, but chalk lines may help keep ants away. It contains calcium carbonate, which ants may find problematic, as it can stick to their feet. You might find that ants refuse to cross chalk lines, keeping them out of your home. 

Use Peppermint

The scent of peppermint may be pleasant to you, but for ants and other insects, the scent of peppermint can be overwhelming. In fact, the scent of mint can be so strong that ants have a difficult time smelling food or anything else, which is why they are likely to avoid areas where peppermint is.

You can use drops of essential oil on windowsills and anywhere you see ants coming into your house. If you choose, planting small peppermint plants near entryways of your home can also help.

Try Coffee Grounds

You may not expect your favorite morning beverage to help with any ant problems, but coffee grounds might be able to help you. Take used coffee grounds and sprinkle them wherever you don't want to see the little insects. If you want, you can even sprinkle grounds directly on top of ant hills. Just like peppermint, ants seem to find the smell of coffee too strong and are likely to avoid it. 

Use Vinegar

Carpenter ants can be particularly worrisome to homeowners, as they are usually bigger than regular ants and may damage your house by tunneling into the wood. They typically leave trails of sawdust along your floors and walls. If this happens, spray those trails with vinegar. Acetic acid inside vinegar might interfere with scent trails that assist ants in maneuvering around. 

Now that you know some things you can do to keep ants out of your home, use the information above to do that. If you still need assistance with ants or other insects or pests, contact a professional pest control company (find one by clicking here) that can assist you.