Advice For Getting Ants Out Of The Kitchen

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If you have ants coming in your kitchen, getting rid of the ones you see will just be a start. You'll need to find their nest and destroy it to really take care of the problem. You'll also need to block off any entrances they are getting through; this is especially important if you aren't able to find their nest. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on getting rid of the ants, sealing off entrances and locating the nest.

Killing the ants

The first step in your fight against ants will be to kill off the ones already in the kitchen. Since you won't want to use hard poisons in your kitchen, you'll want to find non-toxic ways to get rid of them. Liquid dish soap is a great choice.

You can mix the dish soap and some water in a squirt bottle and use it to spray all the surfaces where the ants are. The mixture will drown them. After you wipe off the areas to remove the dead ants, spray some more of the solution to catch any other ones making their way into your kitchen.

Finding the entrances

The ants can be making their way into your kitchen through the smallest of cracks and holes. One of the most common areas to have them come in from is under the kitchen sink. Pay particularly close attention to the areas where the plumbing pipes come into the house. There may be small gaps between the wall and the pipes where they are getting in from.

You also want to look around the window sills and along the baseboards of the kitchen. To seal up cracks, holes and gaps you find, you can either use a plaster repair mix or caulking.

Finding and destroying the nest

If there is a trail coming from a wall on the other side of the kitchen, then finding the nest may be as easy as following the trail. However, it is generally more difficult than this to locate the nest. Go around the border of your home and look for a mound of fresh dirt. If it's a nest, then you will see the ants. The nest may also be under the foundation of your house and in this case, you will see a small burrow.

A good way to kill the ants in the nest is to pour a pot of boiling water directly on the nest. You can also use poison granules since the nest is outside. The ants will carry the granules down into the nest where the other ants will be poisoned.

If you are unable to take care of the problem on your own, you should call out a pest control company, like Eagle Pest Eliminators. They can permanently get rid of the ants for you.