Three Ways You Can Eliminate Bed Bugs In Your Vegas Resort

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Bed bugs in a Vegas hot spot is not cool. It does a lot of damage to your resort's or casino's public image, and that's bad publicity you can do without. If you want to eliminate bed bugs from your resort or prevent them from ever entering it, here are a few ways you can do just that.

Bed Bug Control in Vegas

Given the millions of visitors Las Vegas has every year, it should not surprise you that the bed bug control industry is booming here. If you want to go with pesticides, you can either do it yourself, spraying down every mattress after every guest leaves, or you can have a professional do the job once, then encase the mattresses and box springs with anti-pest mattress covers. What the professional pesticides do not kill, the suffocation and lack of "food" from the mattress covers will.

Replacing the Mattresses

If you absolutely do not want to deal with pesticides and constant spraying, you can have several new mattresses delivered to replace the old ones. Some of your staff may have to suit up in anti-pest jumpsuits to remove the old mattresses and box springs, and everything will have to be thoroughly vacuumed before the new mattresses and box springs are hauled into the rooms. Before you put the new mattress sets on the beds, be sure to encase them in the anti-pest mattress covers to deter new infestations. Bleach all bedding that has been removed and place only fresh bedding (including freshly laundered comforters) on your brand new mattress sets.

Screening Guests Before Check-in

Recently, some hotels and resorts are screening "frequent flyers" for their most recent stops in foreign and domestic ports. While this may seem rude, you can conduct the screen for all guests to make it perfectly fair. Those that have traveled and been to places where there are bed bug hot spots reported may have their rooms cleaned more frequently during their stay. Housekeeping can be alerted to which rooms will need more frequent cleanings. Additionally, you may reserve a block of rooms in your resort for frequent flyers and visitors to bed bug hot spots, which allows you the ability to control which rooms in your resort may be unwittingly infected or reinfected with bed bugs. This also reduces your pest control costs, since you know exactly which block of rooms needs more frequent treatments from your pest control expert. Click here for more info on bed bug control in Las Vegas.