Bed Bugs In A House: Important Things To Know

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Have you stumbled across a dead bed bug in your house that caused you to believe that there are more of them hiding out of sight? The best thing for you to do is hire an exterminator to locate any bed bugs that are hidden in your house by performing a canine scent detection inspection. Discover below that you should know about bed bugs and getting rid of them with the help of an exterminator.

Why Is the Use of Canines Good for Finding Bed Bugs?

Canine scent detection is the type of inspection that can help you avoid spending money on extermination based on finding a single bed bug carcass. The canines will be able to sniff out live bed bugs no matter where they might be hiding in your house. If the canines stumble upon a bed bug carcass, they will not signal the exterminator about it, as the purpose is to get rid of the live pests. Another benefit of canine scent detection is that the inspection can be done without you having to remove bedding, clothing from dressers or furniture (as with a normal bed bug inspection). If live bed bugs are found in your house, the exterminator will be able to remove them before an infestation develops.

What Happens During the Process of Getting Rid of Bed Bugs?

The first thing that must be done is a thorough cleaning of your house, including emptying out dressers and cluttered closets. Cleanliness is important before your house is exterminated because it will help to get rid of all of the hidden bed bugs efficiently. You may be asked to wash clothing, draperies and bedding in advance as a way to get rid of bed bugs that are hidden on them. The exterminator will then be able to spray each of your rooms with a pesticide that can kill bed bugs on the spot. Expect to leave your house during the extermination process, for a duration that is at the discretion of the exterminator.

What Is the Price For Professional Bed Bug Extermination?

Expect to pay at least $300 or more to get your house inspected by canines before bed bug extermination is performed. The overall cost for an exterminator to treat your house depends on how many rooms are found to have bed bugs. Treatment per room is estimated at $250 and up, based on the severity of the problem. Speak to a bed bug exterminator—like those at Desert Pest Control and other locations—as soon as possible!