Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options For Bee Removal: What You Should Know

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When you are a homeowner that cares about the environment and the impact that you have on it, you are keenly aware that any home improvement or maintenance actions you take can have a wider impact on your surrounding environment. As such, if you find that you have some unwelcome house guests in the form of a hive of honey bees, you may find yourself faced with a dilemma. Being an environmentalist, you know that honey bees are an important part of the ecosystem and you do not want to be responsible for causing the death of these important creatures. However, at the same time, you do not want a hive of bees within the walls of your home putting you and your family at risk. Get to know eco-friendly and humane ways of bee removal so that you can maintain your values and keep your home safe.

Have The Entire Hive Removed And Relocated

One of the ways that you can get rid of a hive of bees in your home is to hire a pest control company that is willing to locate the physical hive in your home and completely remove and relocate the structure (and the bees along with it). A honey bee hive is the result of many hours and days of hard work by the group of bees in question and is also the home to the queen.

If you try to remove the bees without simultaneously removing the hive, you run the risk of killing off several bees including the queen herself. And, without the queen the colony would be completely destroyed. Some pest control companies do have trained beekeepers on staff that are able and willing to safely remove the hive to limit damage to the colony of bees and to safely relocate the bees and the home that they built.

Once the beekeeper has successfully removed the hive from your home, the next step will be to seal any entry points into your home that would make it accessible to more industrious bees. You can also have your pest control company use odor barriers designed to discourage bees from coming anywhere near your home.

Create A More Desirable Home For Them

If the hive is located in an area of your home that makes it too difficult to remove intact, the alternative course of action is to create a home for them that is more inviting to lure the bees out of your home. A pest control service or general beekeeper will be able to help you achieve these goals to avoid complications.

You will need to build a beekeeping box for them to relocate to that is nearby (it can be moved later of course). Then, you will need to essentially force the bees out of your home without killing or harming them. Pest control services can use a technique known as smoking them out that will make the bees think that your home is no longer a safe place to live and will force them to abandon their hive.

Because the bee box will be right there, they will relocate to that box. Once they have established themselves in the beekeeping box, it can then be removed from your property and relocated to a beekeeper's farm or other protected area so that your former bee residents have a safe place to continue their important work.

Now that you know a few of the humane ways to remove bees from your home, you can better handle the situation if it happens to you and rest easy that you are not harming the environment in your pest control efforts. Contact a business, such as Bee Serious LLC, for more information about bee removal.