Keeping Spiders Away From Your Iron Porch Railings

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If you have a decorative iron railings adorning your home's front steps, you may have noticed they are an attractive area for spiders to make webs. Since the rails are relatively close together on a staircase railing, spiders tend to use them to try to capture insects that fly in the area. Here are some ideas you can use to eliminate spiders from this iron structure so you no longer have to put your hand on a railing in fear that you may touch a wriggling arachnid as a result.

Swap Your Current Light Bulb For Yellow Illumination

Since insects are attracted to light during nighttime hours, spiders have a prime spot for trapping them if they hang out on the railings nearby. To make spiders less likely to stick around waiting for a meal to feast upon, take the meal source out of the mix. Swap your front porch light bulb for one with a yellow hue. Many insects have difficulty seeing a yellow light, making the swarm you have present in the lighting area much less in number with a simple switch of the bulb. This in turn will make spiders scurry away to another area of your yard to try getting a morsel to eat, freeing up your railings as a result.

Add Some Chestnut Adornments To Make Spiders Flee

Spiders do not care for the smell of chestnuts, making them a great commodity to use to rid them from your railings. If you know of a property with a chestnut tree present upon its land, ask the owner if you can gather some of the nuts when they fall to the ground. These will last for a long time without rotting, making them great items to keep in a container for future use if needed. Simply place a chestnut on the edges of each of your steps so spiders crawling down the rails will think about vacating the area.

Use Natural Cleansers To Make The Iron Less Pleasing

Keeping your iron railings clean is the best defense in the elimination of spiders. Take the time to regularly wipe down each rail in addition to removing webbing and bug carcasses from scrolling. Consider using vinegar to ward off spiders. Spiders, as well as many insects, do not care for the scent of vinegar, making it a great cleaning agent. Create a mixture of half vinegar and half water and place in a spray bottle for easy use. Give your railings a spray and wipe down with a non-abrasive piece of cloth for a shiny appearance and bug-free surfaces.

For more tips to combat spider infestations around your railings, talk with a company like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc.