Effectively Removing Bats From Your Attic

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If you have noticed bats flying around your rooftop, and you have heard sounds coming from your attic, there is a good chance they have taken up residence in this area. Since bats are known to harbor disease, removing them effectively will become a priority to reduce the risk of injury to people living in the structure. Here are steps to take in eliminating these creatures without harming them in the process.

Call Professionals For Assistance In Bat Removal

The best way to remove a bat problem from a home is to call a professional pest control or wildlife trapping service. Many bats are endangered, making it illegal to kill them. A professional service will know the proper methods needed in relocating these creatures to a new home. A professional is also seasoned in removing babies from the area without causing them injury. Do not take it upon yourself to try to trap bats as they can inflict you with a disease like rabies if you happen to get bitten.

Give Inhabitants An Alternate Roosting Place

If you set up a bat box in your yard, bats may vacate your attic in exchange for a home more accessible to the yard area to look for food. Contact your local wildlife conservation office, as some of these establishments will offer free bat boxes for concerned homeowners. An alternate solution is to construct a bat box out of wood on your own. Place the finished product within view of the area where you normally see bats congregating, so they will check it out one of the next times they take a nighttime flight.

Plug Any Holes Up To Avoid Re-Entry

Get on your roof or a ladder to check for holes in your home's exterior that lead to your attic. It is important to leave any voids in your home open for a portion of the day so bats will have a way to get out. Use pieces of mesh to cover these holes during nighttime hours after bats have left to forage for food. After the sun comes up, remove the mesh so bats still remaining inside can get out that evening. Continue removing the obstruction after daylight and putting it back in place after it gets dark. 

With in a few days, the bats will no longer be using your home as it will be difficult to get inside during hours they are awake. The will most likely relocate to a bat box in your yard if you have one readily available for their use. If a trapping service or pest control company alerts you they successfully removed the creatures from your attic, make the needed repairs fill in holes so they do not return.

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