Keeping Black Bears Away From Your Home

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If you just moved from an urban area to a home in a rural spot, you are most likely to encounter wildlife creatures walking through your property. People who live in wooded areas after living in a busy town may find it disturbing to see black bears occasionally in their own backyard. Knowing how to deter these animals from the area is best to avoid potential injury and damage to your property. Here are some steps one can take to make their yard less attractive to bears.

Tend To Your Garbage Properly

Many homeowners living in an area where bears are present will have an incidence where their garbage gets strewn around their yard by these hungry animals. Protect yourself from this mess by putting garbage bags into bear-proof cans and keeping them in a garage or shed until the day your garbage pick-up service is to arrive. It is also a good idea to double-bag your items to eliminate scents from being emitted from the cans. Invest in a deodorizing powder to sprinkle in cans before filling them with your trash bags. Wash the cans out thoroughly after the garbage is picked up to eliminate odor which can attract bears to the area.

Keep Food Away From Your Home

Bears usually get close to a home to search for food. If food is readily accessible on your grounds, bears will be likely to stop by your property as part of their daily routine in finding something to eat. Take up outdoor pet dishes right after they eat their meal so the scent does not attract bears. Hold off on feeding birds until bears are no longer seen on your property. Take down feeders to keep them from being damaged by a curious bear looking for food. Be sure to clean your barbecue grill after each use so grease cannot be smelled when a bear is in the vicinity.

Add Sounds And Lights Around Your Home

Black bears tend to stay away from areas where loud noises are present. Hang wind chimes on your porch or in nearby trees. If you see a bear near your home, clap your hands or blow into an air horn to scare it away. Keep exterior lights on during nighttime hours and consider investing in a motion detection system to help scare away bears that get too close to your home. Infrared motion detecting water sprinklers are also handy in scaring bears.

Protect Your Home With Barriers

If you find bears trying to gain entry to your home, you will need to be proactive in keeping them from succeeding in this endeavor. Placing bars or grills over windows will keep bears from getting in. These have a mechanism that removes them from the windows in case of an emergency for an easy exit. Consider putting electrical fencing around spots you do not wish bears to pass. Some people install this fencing around plants or berry bushes to help keep bears from eating them. 

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