Bed Bug Control Ideas For Homeowners

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No homeowner wants to discover that their house is infested with annoying and hard-to-get-rid-of bed bugs. Although not dangerous, these creepy crawlies are quite irritating, so you will naturally want to rid your house of their presence as soon as possible. The following article takes a look at some of the best ways to get this problem under control.


A good first step is to try natural control methods. Wrap your mattress, box-springs, pillows, and any affected furniture in plastic. Wash all clothes that have been infested and dry them on high. The heat will kill any bed bugs on the clothing. If the mattress or furniture is too infested to be saved, throw it out.

Discover the bed bugs' hiding places, like baseboards, carpets and indentations in the walls, and treat them with natural products, such as diatomaceous earth, also known as DE. This product is a naturally occurring mineral that dries out the body of the insect, which causes it to die in a few days. Another good desiccant for bed bug control is silica gel.

Chemical Pesticides

If natural methods are insufficient to control the bed bug outbreak, you can try using chemical pesticides. Always use these as directed to avoid any health issues. Make sure that the pesticide is approved by the Environmental Protection agency, or EPA, and that the label specifically notes that it's for use against bed bugs. Be especially careful if they use a fogger. You must turn off any pilot lights and unplug all appliances when a fogger is used. Chemical pesticides can be effective in many situations but keep in mind that it's possible the bed bugs have developed a resistance to the particular pesticide you select. You may need to try several different pesticides before getting a satisfactory result.


As mentioned previously, bed bugs do not like high temperatures and cannot survive in heat above 117 degrees Fahrenheit for any extended period. Generally, the most effective treatment for bed bug control is heating the affected area or room to this temperature. This treatment should only be done by a professional bed bug control service that has the proper equipment and the experience to do it safely.

Do-it-yourself bed bug control can work in some cases, but for severe infestations, it's best to call the experts and let them do the job. Contact your local bed bug control services for more information.