4 Tips To Help Get A Control On Ant Problems Before The Spring Weather Turns Warm

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As spring arrives, problems with insects around your home are just getting started. One insect that you will want to get control of before the warm weather breaks are ants. The ants can quickly take over your landscaping and your home as the weather begins to get warmer. The following tips will help you get control of an ant problem before it grows when the warm weather arrives:

1. Get an Early Start on Spring Clean to Ensure There Are No Food Sources

The first thing that you will need to do to get control of ant problems is to get an early start on spring cleaning. Around your home, there may be some cleaning that needs to be done in the landscaping. You want to make sure that you remove any food sources that ants will find, such as fallen fruits and vegetation debris from the autumn months. In addition, if you have things like compost bins, make sure that they are a safe distance away from your home and treat ant problems that are close to the compost materials.

2. Remove Ant Nests That Cause the Colonies to Grow and Spread 

Sometimes, there may still be nests in around your property that are from last summer and fall. You want to make sure to treat these nests before the warm weather arrives. This will prevent colonies from growing and ant infestations from developing. If there are several visible ant colonies in your landscaping, you may want to contact a pest control service for help removing them before they begin to spread.

3. Use Baits Away from Your Home to Lure Ants Away and Prevent Infestations

Baits are a great solution to get control of insect problems like ants, but the problem with these treatments is that they lure the pests towards your home. When using baits to attract pests, use them away from your home, so that they are lured away from your home and not into your home.

4. Seal Your Home and Create A Border to Keep the Ants Out of Your Home

You want to make sure that your home is well-sealed to prevent ants and other pests from getting inside. In addition, you may want to create a barrier around your home to keep ants away from your home. Talk to a pest control service about different options for treatments that will help create a barrier and keep the ants out of your home.

These are some tips that will help you get control of an ant problem when the weather starts to get warm. If you need help with some of the insect problems that can quickly get out of hand, contact a pest control service to help with ant infestations and other insect problems. 

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