Saw A Rat In Your Garage? 2 Tips To Get It Out

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If you saw a rat in your garage, you may have more than one. Rats can cause damage, as they may chew through things, such as wiring, drywall, and more. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get the rat out of the garage, two of which are listed below.

Clean Up

The first thing to do is to clean your garage. This means getting all the messes organized. This is so the rat does not have a place to easily hide while in your garage. Start out by making a designated area outside for throwing away, keeping, and donating. Then you can start cleaning the floor of the garage.

When you are finished, reorganize the things that you are planning to keep. If this is a lot of gardening hand tools, you could install shelving on the walls to put the tools on. Pegboards also work well for this purpose. You can find pegboards in a variety of sizes. Purchase S hooks to go along with the board and then hang items on the board. This not only makes things look more organized but also makes it easy for you to find things.

Sweep the floor and make sure there are no crumbs anywhere. You need to make sure food crumbs did not get mixed in with the dirt. Use a large broom, and when finished, use a damp mop to clean the floor.

Set Traps

Once the garage is clean, you can set traps to catch the rat. There are snap traps, but you need to make sure they are meant for rats. This is because mouse snap traps are not large enough for something large like a rat. These snap traps are humane, as they generally kill the rat quickly by breaking its neck. You do have to bait the trap. You can do this with things like cheese or peanut butter, or you can purchase a bat at a pet store.

There are also traps that lure the rat into a cage and once the rat enters the door to the cage automatically closes. This will work well if you do not want to kill the rat but only move it to another area, such as to a local field.

If you still continue to see the rat or have seen more than one, contact a rodent control company to come to your home. The contractor can determine how the rat is getting in and teach you techniques to get the rat out.